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    Outstanding Service


    “Office Comforts have always given our company competitive prices, outstanding service and high quality office furniture.”
    Scott Park, Managing Director – Scott Park Group. 9240 4555

    Excellent Quality


    “Office Comforts have provided furniture of excellent quality and the service and turnaround time has been first class. I have and will recommend them to anyone.”
    Damien Eves, Celebration Homes. 9202 2318

    Prompt Delivery


    “We recently relocated our Admin staff to a new Location and are extremely pleased we chose Office Comforts to provide all of our new Furniture.
    The Sales Staff was very patient and helpful while making our selection and the prices are very competitive, they even provided temporary Desks while we were waiting for certain piece to be manufactured.
    The delivery was prompt and efficient with the installers giving us valuable instructions on maintenance and ensuring all furniture was securely assembled &functioning properly. Would highly recommend Office Comforts.”    Renata Victor, Interfreight Logistics. 9248 1200

    Ergonomic Chair is fantastic


    Working at a desk job required a comfortable supported chair – especially when you suffer from a sore back when spending a fair bit of your day on your “tail end”. When my current chair became uncomfortable and affected my daily duties we went to Office Comforts to understand the the costs and range of ergonomic chairs. Keith Edson and Craig Edson were nothing short of brilliant. They immediately provided a range of chairs for testing. Their personal recommendation was the “Galactic”.
    One sit in the chair and I was sold. Then very pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price for such a comfy and smart looking chair.
    Since this experience we have purchased another chair for our Personal Assistant. Our business would never buy office furniture or chairs from anywhere other than Office Comforts after the Superior Service, Price and Care offered by the Edson family business.     Linda Burton, Prowest Financial Solutions, 9315 3949

    Comfort within budget!


    The majority of my working day is spent sitting behind a computer and I was beginning to feel aches and pains through my neck and back.
    I thought getting a decent chair was a good idea so decided to start shopping around.
    I wanted something ergonomic, comfortable but didn’t want to break the budget! After getting quotes from many suppliers, I found an absolute beauty with Office Comforts who were not only the cheapest, but used a very reputable brand.
    After receiving my chair, I noticed how much uncomfortable my old chair was, and how much better my back would be in my new one.
    I have now had my chair over a year. It is still as comfy as ever, the padding is still thick and cushiony and my back feels great!
    I have a and will continue to recommend this chair to my colleagues and friends.
    Krystal Burton, HSE Group Pty Ltd, 9450 9800